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Vertical Form Fill Machines UK

Vertical form fill and seal bagging machines from UK manufacturer Gainsborough Engineering Company.

Basic description of the Gainsborough vertical form fill and seal machine with belt drive film feed

Flat single web packaging material is loaded on a spindle at the rear of the machine. It is then fed through the machine over a series of rollers where it can be overprinted (sell by date/code etc.) and registered for printed films.

The flat packaging film is then folded round to form a tube to the required finished width of bag by a stainless steel forming shoulder. At the same time, product can be dropped through the middle of the formed tube to fill the bag. Product contact parts are always stainless steel.

The forming shoulder incorporates a stainless steel tube, which is used as:-

(1) A backplate to form the vertical seal or back seal of the bag.
(2) A backplate for a pair of electrically driven belts to grip the film and pull it through the machine.
(3) To feed the product into the bag (as above).

The vertical seal is formed by a heated bar which presses onto the film while stationary. The drive belts then push the formed tube of material through a set of heated horizontal jaws by the required length of bag.The jaws are then closed to seal the bag and a knife cuts it from the formed tube of material, at this time it is usual for the next product to be delivered down the tube on top of the closed jaws. When the jaws open the completed bag falls onto a chute or conveyor out at the front of the machine. The machine functions are normally electrical and pneumatic controlled by a P.L.C. or custom built Micro-system.

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