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Automated Packaging Equipment UK

Automated packaging equipment from Gainsborough Engineering Company. Industrial packaging equipment for dry particulate coffee, powder, confectionery and other food products. Pharmaceutical, medical and hardware packaging.

Automated Packaging Equipment

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GV2K Packaging Machinery Range Overview
Gainborough Engineering automatic vertical form fill and seal packaging machines

The GV2K range of packaging machines feature full programmable logic control on all machines functions - bag length adjustment, print registration, over printer, product call and no product - no bag (ready signal).

The PLC automatically monitors for any machine faults / errors such as, jaw obstructions, film breakage, print registration, packaging material run out and safety guard circuits. Depending on the nature of the fault, the machine will stop instantly, or finish its cycle. All errors are logged on the HMI display, pointing out instantly which fault has occured.

The horizontal seal system runs on hardened shafts and linear ball bushes for a long and trouble free life. The automatic packaging machines are low profile and so reduce gantry height to a minimum when linked to filling sytems. They also have a low product-drop from the top of the bagger to the horizontal jaws, making them ideal for fragile products.

Typical applications for these packaging machines are hardware, plastic / electrical components, medical, fresh and frozen foods, confectionery, coffee, liquids, powders and kit packing.

The bagging machines can be hand fed, triggered using a simple footswitch or lightscreen sensor, or they can be intergrated into a packing line and coupled to components such as multihead weighers, augers, bowl feeders and elevators.

As well as handling a vast variety of products, the packaging machines can handle a range of packaging materials from lightweight films through to metal foils, laminates and low density polythenes.

A range of Gainsborough packaging machines are available, covering pack sizes from 50mm wide x 60mm long up to 600mm wide x 600mm long.