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Auger Filler Machines

Auger fillers and sand bagging machines from Gainsborough Engineering Company. Bag filling machines for sand, powder, cement, and food packaging.

Auger Fillers

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UK Manufacturers of packaging machinery and equipment. Our range of bagging machines can be coupled to various feed systems, such as auger fillers, weighers, counters and elevators.
We have many machines throughout the world fitted with auger filling machines, packing powder and granular products ranging from sand, cement, flour, cake ingredients, and coffee.
Auger filling can usually be achieved either in a volumetric or weight form. The principle is a long screw, like a corkscrew, in a tube with a bulk hopper above it, as the screw turns product is driven downwards into the bag. When the correct amount turns achieved, the packaging machine will then seal the bag. The weight system is very similar except that the hopper is sat on a series of load cells and they calculate how much product is left in the system.

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